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The Books

The Pussycat Trap Cover.png

The Pussycat Trap

Who knew it would only take the pitter-patter of cats paws to melt the hearts of these powerful men.

The Feline Fix

After Wendy Wilde made the biggest mistake of her life, her boss sent her home from the lab in disgrace. She was ordered to balance her work and home life by Valentine’s Day or find herself another job. Forced to let loose and have fun, Wendy meets Detective Chief Inspector Callum Forde and tells him about her To-Do list. But first, she had to find out who else was feeding her cat. And why does the detective disapprove of her list so much?

The Kitty Effect

Not only did Argentinian playboy Mateo have to chase after Willow Wilde, ‘The one that got away’ to England. Once there, Mateo’s protective instincts came out in full force upon stumbling across an abandoned cat and her kittens. Together both Mateo and Willow had to embark on a crash course on parenthood, in more ways than one.

The Tabby’s Wish

Instinct, told millionaire Bentley Myers that his sister’s bridesmaid, Millie, was not who they thought her to be and he was right. She was worse. Watching closely, he soon realised he needed to get her away from his family and finding her asleep in her car gave him the best chance to do just that. But who knew a simple abduction with good intentions, would turn out so complicated? Now he found himself looking after her, a strange cat and an over-enthusiastic giant puppy.

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