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Caroline Bell Foster

Top 100 Most Influential Creative 


 Diva Author of the Year
Best Fiction Writer - nomination



Love To Belong






Thanks for joining me. 


Can you imagine a skinny 12 year old going to Jamaica for a 6 week holiday from England, who ends up living there for several years?


I'm the result of that decision and my writing reflects all that I am. I indulge my imagination and write diverse multicultural & interracial romantic fiction.


 I've now come full circle via Canada & Kenya and live just 13 miles from where I was born, and I see no problem in stuffing my Yorkshire puddings with Rice n Peas!

Oh, and if you would like to be on my Influencer Team and/or Mailing List and get free copies of other books, please sign up  to keep me organised.

Take your time, have a look around and even send me an email for a chat. :) 

Stay Well.


Caroline. x

With her friends, popular social media influencer, Chilli Laurent, is travelling by train from London to Paris, where she is intrigued by the man with moody green eyes.


Jaded French winemaker, Arno Tournier, can barely contain his distaste for the loud conversation going on by Generation Z in front of him. Trying to tune them out, he closes his eyes, only to be jolted by the girl with golden skin who falls onto his lap. Embarrassed at his instant attraction, Arno orders her off with a few scathing remarks.


At her hotel that night, Chilli sees the rude Frenchman and without his permission includes him in her video vlog. He grabs her camera, and during their tussle, Chilli ends up on his lap once again. Giving in to his attraction, Arno asks her one question. Chilli, avoiding his intense gaze, answers.

It should have been one night. Only one night became more and the lies were about to catch with them both.


Could they survive the fallout?

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