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(International Heroes Book 3)

A kiss. A promise. A mistake.


Lacy Dawson would rather spend her days experimenting with brownie recipes and trying on wedding dresses, than go on yet another secret mission to save her country. She needed a way out and found it.


Deaf, Special Operative Matthew Edwards, stumbled across Lacy where she wasn't supposed to be, while on an enforced vacation.


They’d never been able to stifle their sexual attraction and indulged every time their paths crossed. However, Matthew knew Lacy was working a dangerous mission outside of the bureau. But what? She was too soft and needed protecting from herself.


Lacy's secrets take her from America to Russia, to England, all the while with Matthew hot on her heels.


How could she avoid Matthew? Did she want to?

Amazon Top 30 UK & International

(International Heroes Book 2)

A kiss. A promise. A mistake.


Banished to England, to ‘cool off’ Kyle Mannino met and fell in love with rich, standoffish boarding school brat Camille, two weeks before he was due to fly home.


Cultural clashes and family interference ensured the two young lovers parted ways in the most vicious of ways. Only for them to reconnect, by accident, years later.


She was now an overindulged movie star. He was a rich globe-trotting player. They made a go of it for a while, until an accident caused one to stubbornly pull away and the other, trying to hold on to what they always were.


Can Kyle and the movie star ever live a normal life? Was their present forever shaped by their past? Only time and patience can tell.

Amazon Top 20 UK & International

Distracting Ace


A kiss. A promise. A mistake.


Hollywood stuntman Ace had life changing decisions to make and time was running out. Bleakly, he saw a future of always being different, that was, until he met British beauty Nina Mae. Her enthusiasm for life was addictive.


Rich, party girl, Nina Mae was in love. But a demand to come home early and a simple mistake, changed the course of both their lives.

Would she ever get back to America? Or were they destined to be two people who met and enjoyed one unbelievable weekend, tied by the repercussions of those hours. Or was she simply his distraction?


(International Heroes Book 1)

 * Best-Seller *

The Cat Cafe - novel
Call Center novel
The Cat Cafe'

Trinity Peters has three great loves in her life; books, cake, and mostly cats - her CAT CAFÉ in Nottingham allows her to indulge in all three. Amiable, attractive and ambitious, she knows what she wants in life and sets about making it happen. Everything is going nicely for her until a handsome city slicker, with the suits to match, enters her café by mistake one evening. Nothing would ever be the same for her again.


Blake Lawrence is the well heeled city boy who loves to play big city games. He wouldn't normally venture too far from the bright lights of London, but business interests direct him to the East Midlands. He meets, and is captivated by, the sexy, mad cat woman Trinity Peters.


Call Me Lucky
The Call Centre - Book 2

Felicity ‘Fliss’ Pecora didn’t like people. Her background meant she didn’t trust easily and the night shift suited her perfectly. Forced to go on a team night out she bumps into the one person who knew her at her worst.


Teddy couldn’t believe the foul mouthed girl he once knew had changed so little, but still he felt an attraction towards her. He helped her overcome her insecurities and health scare and they were happy and in love until the night their pasts collided.


To love her, was to let her go. But could he?


 * Best-Seller *

Call Center novel
Call Me Royal
The Call Centre - Book 1


Della lived her life by one word. Safe. She worked nights at a call centre then went home. She didn't do excitement. Everything and everyone had their place. Then Spencer Chandler-Wright walks onto her floor demanding answers to questions he had lost the right to ask.


Spencer refused to believe Della could turn her back on all that she was. She used to be the golden girl of the Caribbean living life and loving it. Now she lived her life by the Livity. He wanted her back but could he really get past all the changes?


To love her was to accept her.

Caroline Bell Foster
Caribbean Whispers Caroline Bell Foster
Saffron’s Choice


Compassionate, thoughtful and engaging, Saffron’s Choice is driven by its earnest and unyielding exploration of matters of the heart - and what happens when we pay heed to that small voice within. 


Written with unsparing beauty and emotional honesty, the novel transports readers to the lively streets and buzzing neighbourhoods of Nottingham and the peaceful, relaxing hills of rural Jamaica as we follow the book’s sassy title heroine, the two starkly different men she must choose between.

Caribbean Whispers'
Can one truly escape their past?


Battered by her jealous and malevolent step-brother, Miriam narrowly escapes death when she is rescued by Thomas Walters, a wealthy tycoon who migrated to Jamaica. She is given a new life and identity as his daughter, Merissa Walters, but is constantly haunted by the traumatising events of that dismal night on the beach and finds it hard to really trust anyone to get close.


Merissa meets Alex York and immediately their attraction is apparent. However, her constant mistrust leaves them entwined in a turbulent relationship.


Will she ever be able to realise that what she has may be true love?


Caroline Bell Foster
Ladies' Jamaican

This is the exciting story of three divergent personalities with different background and skin tones. All are lost in the murky fogs of self-doubt and insecurity that rules their lives, shadowing their self-respect, independence and values. 


Nadia - A victim of abuse and betrayal. A young mother who is afraid to move forward, afraid to let go.


Helen - Brought up to believe that "Anything darker than a grain of sand, is no good", Yet she falls in love with a dark-skinned, dread-locked Rasta she wants to hate.


Marjorie - The eldest, is trapped by routine, low self-esteem and bulimia. She is still involved with her re-married ex-husband of eleven years. Unlikely friends, Nadia, Helen and Marjorie as only real friends can, empower each other to love, trust and explore their passions. Together they stand tall, with the warmth of the sun on their faces. 


They are strong, proud Jamaican women - "Ladies Jamaican". 

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